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Agricultural Business Chamber defines way forward with new brand identity

The Agricultural Business Chamber’s brand has been subject to a number of adaptations over the

past decades as a result of an ever-changing environment. The organisation was established in

1946 as the Co-operative Council to represent the interests of agricultural co-operatives. In

1995, after the deregulation of agriculture in South Africa, the organisation adopted the name

Agricultural Co-operative Business (ACB) to address the changing needs of agribusinesses, and in

2003 the name changed to the Agricultural Business Chamber.

04.06.2012 / Media Releases


ABC joins IFAMA as institutional member

ABC has become an institutional member and strategic partner of the International Food and

Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA).

IFAMA was formed in 1990 to stimulate strategic thinking across the full spectrum of the food

chain, but today, it serves as an effective worldwide networking organisation in the food and

agribusiness sector. It is known to bring together top executives, academics, policy makers,

students and stakeholders to network and stimulate strategic thinking across the global food, fibre,

fuel, floral and forestry systems.

24.05.2012 / Media Releases


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