Agbiz is a voluntary, dynamic and influential association of agribusinesses operating in South and southern Africa. Agbiz's function is to ensure that agribusiness plays a constructive role in the country's economic growth, development and transformation, and to create an environment in which agribusinesses of all sizes and in all sectors can thrive, expand and be competitive.

The members of Agbiz are the core reason for existence of this association. As such the activities of Agbiz are directed at addressing the collective interests of the members and adding value to their business.

To this end:

  • Agbiz is the only organisation that serves the broader and common over-arching business interests of agribusinesses in South Africa.
  • Agbiz addresses the legislative and policy environment on the many fronts that it impacts on the agribusiness environment.
  • Agbiz facilitates considerable networking opportunities so that South African agribusinesses can play an active and creative role within the local and international organised business environment.

Strategy & Values

Strategic Intent

The strategic intent of Agbiz is to advocate for and facilitate a favourable agribusiness environment in order for its members to perform competitively and sustainably.

Agbiz Culture & Values

Agbiz is an inclusive, voluntary association of agribusinesses that co-operates positively and acts dynamically, creatively and with integrity. The culture of Agbiz is to subscribe to the values of ethical business, accountability, leadership, trust, competence, quality service and excellent communication.

Core Strategic Objectives

  • Core objective 1: To promote agribusinesses and Agbiz as key stakeholders and role players in the South African economy.

  • Core objective 2: To influence the policy and legislative environment insofar as it affects agribusiness activities, by way of on-going and professional interaction with all relevant government institutions.

  • Core objective 3: To improve the commercial and sustainable agribusiness environment through liaison and co-operation with influential groupings within the business environment, both locally and internationally.

  • Core objective 4: To support B-BBEE, transformation and development of emerging agribusiness and other role players in the agro-food value chain.

  • Core objective 5: To create unique, relevant and accessible agribusiness intelligence to support Agbiz programmes.

Agbiz Desks

To provide a dedicated service to specific sectors and industries, Agbiz amended its constitution in 2014 to make provision for the establishment of semi-autonomous Desks to service the specialised needs not addressed by the major focus areas of Agbiz. The following Desks have been established and are functioning very well:

Agbiz Grain
In 2014 the Agbiz Grain Desk, with the storers of grain as members and formerly known as the Grain Silo Industry, was established. The Agbiz Grain Desk is very competently managed by Ms Mariana Purnell, with assistance from Ms Annalien Collins.

The wine and liquor industries have established a WineBiz Desk at Agbiz, with Mr Michael Mokhoro very ably managing the Desk as he engages with government on issues specific and relevant to these industries, including the Liquor Amendment Bill.

Agbiz Fruit
The fruit industry has established a fruit desk – Agbiz Fruit – at Agbiz in January 2019. Trade expert Ms Stephanie van der Walt manages Agbiz Fruit.

B-BBEE Affidavid

Agbiz is in the process of updating its B-BBEE affidavit.


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