With more and more drastic accidents caused by unroadworthy trucks and the heavy burden on government to repair our (mostly rural secondary) roads damaged by overloaded trucks, it comes as no surprise that the regulatory environment stepped up to place strict rules in place. Rules which can put you in jail for even being “indirectly” involved in such malpractices.

The transport industry itself has constructed best practice guidelines and standards and even self-regulation and accreditation systems for it.  But, unfortunately, it was not enough, and the inevitable happened – regulation came into place, which puts not only the transporter behind bars, but also the consignee and consignor, if their house is not in order.  

To address this important issue, Agbiz got together the most informed people in the sector and hosted a workshop on (i) how to go about getting accredited and (ii) to acquire information from industry role players who already took that step in the right direction and who are therefor not fearing the new legislation.

11 February 2015


The National Road Traffic Act - 22nd Amendment

Alta Swanepoel, Alta Swanepoel & Associates

Regulations and compliance

Gavin Kelly, Road Freight Association (RFA)

Overview of RTMS

Paul Nordengen, CSIR

Getting accredited

Oliver Naidoo, JC Auditors

Learning from others: Barloworld

 Adrian van Tonder, Barloworld Transport

Brake & Tyre Watch programme

Patrick O’Leary, FleetWatch

Cost of Logistics: National Freight Flow Model

Nadia Viljoen, Growth and Intelligence Network (GAIN)

Shippers’ Council view on logistics

Brenda Horne, SA Shippers' Council

Improving efficiencies

Andrew Crickmay, Crickmay & Associates


Thank you to the sponsors of the workshop
Hino SA
Workshop on Wheels

Post workshop media coverage
Click here to listen to RSG Landbou radio interview with Lindie Stroebel (Agbiz Manager Agribusiness Intelligence). The interview was recorded in Afrikaans.
Agbiz workshop focuses on new transport legislations -

Photo Gallary of Grain Logistics Workshop

Nadia Viljoen
Brenda Horne-Ferreira
Andrew Crickmay
Mariana Purnell
Adrian van Tonder
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Road Transport Management System (RTMS)

Despite concerted and ongoing efforts for an effective law enforcement strategy by the road and traffic authorities, the sharp increase in heavy vehicle traffic and the effects of overloading continue to be a major problem on South African roads.

Overloading causes premature road deterioration and, together with inadequate vehicle maintenance, high levels of driver fatigue and poor driver health care programs, contributes significantly to South Africa’s poor road safety record.

The Road Transport Management System (RTMS) is a self regulation initiative that has already shown outstanding results since its implementation and supports the Department of Transport’s National Overload Control Strategy (NOCS). Read more

State of Logistics Survey

The State of Logistics™ survey is an annual study done in collaboration of Imperial Logistics, University of Stellenbosch and the CSIR. Since the first publication of the survey in 2004, this document has become one of the premier references for logistics in South Africa.

The comparison of trends, together with essential business information from various industry sectors, are vital for keeping track of the state of logistics in South Africa. Download the survey

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