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Positive Agribusiness Confidence does not yet excite

Agribusiness confidence is measured quarterly by the Agricultural Business Chamber (ABC) and

the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) through their quarterly ABC/IDC Agribusiness

Confidence Index. The confidence level in the third quarter of 2010 is 53% higher than the same

quarter of the previous year, which happened to be the all-time lowest level observed. This

significant increase was expected, considering the low basis it was measured from. The

confidence, however, decreased with 5% since the previous quarter, being the second quarter of

2010. This is of concern and definitely inhibits the excitement of the significant year-on-year

increase. A further decrease is not necessarily expected, however, this small quarter-to-quarter

decrease might indicate that confidence might remain in the low, positive range.

02.09.2010 / Media Releases

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Food Security: How does SA measure up to CAAPD's 4 pillars?

The roles of the agribusiness sector and African governments in food security were discussed at a meeting recently held by the Agricultural Business Chamber (ABC) and NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF) in Pretoria.

Through its programme for the revitalisation of the agricultural sector in Africa, the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP), NEPAD has set a target of raising agricultural productivity by at least 6% per year and increasing public investment in agriculture to 10% of national budgets per year, as agreed in the Maputo Declaration.  The CAADP’s focus areas for improving Africa’s agriculture fall under 4 pillars, each dealing with key issues, namely land and water management, market access, food supply and hunger, and agricultural research.

13.05.2010 / Media Releases

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