Agbiz Grain – A new way forward for grain handling and storage

Agbiz Grain, a new fully-fledged and dedicated desk under the Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz), was established in November 2014 by the twelve largest commercial grain handling and storage companies in South Africa.

The Agbiz Grain members offer producers, traders, buyers and processors a range of facilities such as:-
 A time solution (by extended storage periods)
 A choice of locations (extensive geographic distribution)
 Balance sheet (crops serve as collateral)
 Grid linkage (through road or rail transport)
 Managing surpluses (through timely bin allocation)
 Preservation (compliance with food safety and food hygiene requirements)
 Security (extensive protection of commodities in storage)
 Standardization (by applying grading regulations)
 Maintaining quality (through frequent inspections and preventative procedures)
 Regulatory compliance (adhering to all required legislation)
 Variety of products (GMO-free, good milling quality, high oil etc.)

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