Land Reform 2015

"For some time now it has become clear that 2015 will be absolutely critical in finalizing and implementing a detailed land  reform framework, agreed to by all key role players, that is economically viable and effects sustainable and significant land reform, without compromising food security," says Dr John Purchase, Agbiz CEO.

The National Development Plan’s (NDP) Land Reform Model, while short on technical detail, provides by far the best overarching framework for such land  reform. Given that the NDP has been adopted by both Government and mainstream business in South Africa, including the Agribusiness Sector as represented by Agbiz, this common position creates an enormous opportunity to effectively address a key challenge facing South Africa. Agbiz has and will continue to play a constructive and active role in exploring ways to effect sustainable transformation based on inclusive growth in a competitive, open market environment. To this end Agbiz yesterday participated in Government’s Inter-Departmental Technical Task Team on the MTSF Outcome 7: “Vibrant, equitable, sustainable rural communities contributing towards food security for all”. Government shared its vision in this regard in a presentation entitled “FRAMEWORK FOR THE RURAL ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION MODEL: ONE DISTRICT, ONE AGRIPARK / EVERY MUNICIPALITY A CRDP SITE”. To peruse this important presentation, please click on  Rural Economic Transformation Model.

Given media statements made this week by the governing party with regard to limiting agricultural landholdings, Agbiz again states its mandated position, as also submitted at the Land Tenure Summit in September 2014. Please click on Agbiz on land ceilings to peruse position.

Agbiz and BASA have developed a Proposal for the Commercial Financing of Land Reform, in line with the proposed Land Reform Model of Chapter 6 of the NDP, and as requested by the National Planning Commission (NPC). Agbiz and BASA commence engagement with the NPC on this matter today, and with Minister Nkwinti in the very near future. 

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