Land reform clarity will help advance the agricultural sector

The optimism and desired growth in the agricultural sector could be short lived if South Africa delays in endorsing a unified and responsible policy stance.
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Below is an extract from article published by Huffington Post:

Informed debate and decision making is required to address the issue of land reform and protection of property, since the land issue could have serious implications, not just on the agriculture sector but on our entire socio-economic spectrum. One critical sector would be the financial industry, which over the years has consistently shown growing confidence in the agricultural sector.

n 2015 the total South African farm debt was at R142 billion in real terms, which is a record level in a database starting from 1980. Given that 2016 was characterised by the drought, the figure is expected to have increased further. Therefore, the land issue needs to be managed responsibly as it could pose a serious risk to the financial sector.

In addition, agriculture is viewed by many political leaders as the epicentre of growth in South Africa. However, for that to be achieved, the sector needs a stable and conducive environment that can inspire confidence in order to attract much-needed investment....

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