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Politically based land reform cannot succeed - Agbiz

The land reform process came under intense scrutiny at the 2015 Grain SA congress.  Land reform was doomed to fail if it was based on political gain, said Agbiz chairperson, Schalk Pienaar.

18.03.2015 / Agbiz in the news


There’s little space to swing the fiscal cat…

SA’s low growth expectations, crumbling infrastructure and increasing social burden means that minister Nhlanhla Nene must take some brave decisions, says Agbiz economist Lindie Stroebel.

16.03.2015 / Agbiz in the news


ASUF gaan voort met planne

Die proses binne die eenheidsforum vir die landbout (ASUF) gaan steeds voort om teen einde Maart sinvolle grondhervormingsvoorstelle aan die Regering voor te lê.

12.03.2015 / Agbiz in the news


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