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Not ‘either/or’ between small and large farming, both needed

It is not a case of South Africa needing to support either small- or large-scale farming, but that both are important for the country’s development, says business organisation Agricultural Business Chamber (ABC) CEO Dr John Purchase.

Specifically, large-scale farming will provide food security and sustainable agriculture, while support for the development of small-scale farming will improve household food security, social stability and reduce the drive towards urbanisation.

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Regering toon wantroue in eie stelsel met appèl – LBK

Die appèl van drie ministers teen die

Mededingingstribunaal se goedkeuring

van die Walmart-Massmart samesmelting

is die slegste ding wat die afgelope vyf

jaar met die Suid-Afrikaanse sakesektor

kon gebeur, sê me. Lindie Stroebel, senior

ekonoom van die Landboubesigheidskamer


Stroebel sê die proses wat die

Amerikaanse winkelreus moes deurloop

voor die tribunal die proses goedgekeur

het, was goed.

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Africa Lead partners with ABC

AFRICA LEAD is a USAID-funded project focused on building capacity for agricultural

development in a number of African countries* across the continent. AFRICA LEAD is offering

an opportunity for South African companies to participate in their “Agribusiness Leadership

Program”. By matching private sector hosts from more technically advanced economies (like

South Africa) with participants from enterprises that need technical skills upgrades, the

Agribusiness Leadership Program supports skills transfer to facilitate a greater commercial

model of agricultural production and value addition in Africa.

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