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Agribusiness CompetivenessAs Agbiz negotiates for an enabling environment for agri -businesses, it can basically be referred to that Agbiz is negotiating to improve the competitiveness of the sector.

To measure how competitive the agribusiness sector in South Africa is, Agbiz assesses how successful the sector sells its products over time in the local and global environment. The Relative Trade Advantage method, as originally developed by Balassa (1977, 1989) and extended by Volrath (1991), allows for the measurement of competitiveness under real world conditions such as uneven economic “playing fi elds”, distorted economies and different trade regimes and is therefore the most suited for measuring the competitiveness status

08.01.2014 / Agbiz in the news


Agbiz / IDC Agribusiness Confidence index dropped by 20%

The Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz), with the support of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), constructs the Agbiz / IDC Agribusiness Confidence Index on a quarterly basis.


12.12.2013 / Agbiz in the news


Can SA farmers feed demand?

SA FARMERS are about to hit a sweet spot, one that could cause net farm income to rise steeply over the next decade, but farmers are not gearing up to take full advantage of the bumper years that are on the way.

From 1975 to 2005, food prices showed a long-term structural decline. Then prices started rising, spiking in 2007, in 2009 and again in 2011, by which time the global food price index had hit 200 - double its level at the start of the 2000s. The consensus is that the great 30-year decline is over: food prices will maintain this high plateau.

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Agbiz optimistic about outlook for 2014

The Absa AgriBusiness outlook, released this week, is optimistic about the industry in 2014.

Agbiz says in its latest newsletter the macro-economic environment is favourable and provides opportunity for South African agriculture to utilise low interest rates to increase their capital expenditure towards improving efficiencies and productivity.

12.12.2013 / Agbiz in the news


Engagements between government, business and labour now more critical than ever

Engagements between Government, Business and Labour now critical more than ever

The need to intensify the engagement of government and business on labour market issues has become critical given the disappointing economic growth in th e last quarter of 2013. With growth now estimated at 0.7% in the fourth quarter, the annual growth forecasts have been revised downward to 1.9%.

28.11.2013 / Media Releases


Cape Town to host International Agribusiness Conference

The World Forum of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) will see 450 delegates spend four days at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in June 2014.

IFAMA is an international management organization that brings together current and future business, academic and government leaders to improve the strategic focus, transparency sustainability and responsiveness of the global food and agribusiness system.

20.11.2013 / Agbiz in the news


No secrecy surrounding AFGRI investors

The mystery surronding the identity of shareholders of AgriGroup,a consortium of investors that has put in a R2,4 billion takeover offer for agricultural group Afgri,and their as yet unnamed  BEE partners, has given rise to suspicion in some circles.

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Go-ahead for biofuels

Biofuel blending will increase the demand for canola,sorghum and soya beans in South Africa.

Denene Erasmus reports. To download this article, click here.

A cold, wet but wonderful Agri Mega Week

Despite rain, mud and some very cold weather Agri Mega Week succesfully celebrated its 21st anniversary recentlywith an expo dedicated to the theme 'Agriculture for Job Creation'. To download this article, click here.

Cape farm strikes 'a watershed'

THE farm workers’ strike that began in the Western Cape hamlet of De Doorns last year will go down with the tragic events of Marikana and Sondela as a watershed in South Africa’s labour history, according to Potchefstroom Business School special adviser Theo Venter.

The events demonstrated there was "no unity of vision in the ANC (African National Congress)" government, Mr Venter said at an agricultural outlook conference in Pretoria on Monday.

01.10.2013 / Agbiz in the news


Landbou verloor beleggings weens stakings

Pretoria. – Die gevaarligte begin flikker vir beleggings in die Suid-Afrikaanse landbousektor.

Dié waarskuwing is gerig in ’n paneelbespreking op die AMT Landbou-vooruitskouingskonferensie wat Maandag in Pretoria gehou is.

Groter onsekerheid oor arbeidsonrus en die uitkoms van grondhervorming begin sy tol eis en kan selfs teenproduktief vir die regering se groeidoelwitte wees, het kenners gewaarsku.

Kapitaalbeleggings in die landbou het sedert die 1980’s in reële terme afgeneem, sê dr. John Purchase, uitvoerende hoof van die landbousakekamer Agbiz.

30.09.2013 / Agbiz in the news


DPO Kongres: John Purchase - Verbruiker vra groter aandag

ghebbendes in die landbou moet die verwagte groei in dié sektor benut om veral in die verbruiker se toenemende verwagtings en behoeftes te voorsien, sê dr. John Purchase, uitvoerende direkteur van die landbousakekamer Agbiz.

Volgens Purchase moet die bedryf hom só inrig, veral gesien teen die agtergrond dat die vooruitsigte vir ekonomiese groei op internasionale en plaaslike vlak oor die volgende paar jaar nie besonder rooskleurig is nie.

Afrika sal na verwagting oor die volgende 90 jaar die hoogste bevolkingsaanwas toon met sy bevolking wat drievoudig tot 3,6 miljard in 2100 sal toeneem.

20.09.2013 / Agbiz in the news


21ste Agri Megaweek: Landbou vir werkskepping

“Landbou vir Werkskepping” is die tema van die 21ste Agri Megaweek wat vanaf 18 tot 21 September by die Megapark op Bredasdorp gehou word.

Die keuse vir hierdie tema is tersaaklik gesien in die lig van die Regering se Nasionale Ontwikkelingsplan wat die landbou sien as dié sektor vir werkskepping. “Met die huidige tempo van werkverliese is die tyd vir oplossings en samewerking vir volhoubare werkskepping in die landbou uiters belangrik,” sê mnr. Orton King, uitvoerende direkteur van die Agri Mega-groep.

13.09.2013 / Agbiz in the news


Reserwebank ingelig: Onsekerhede maak beleggers langtand

Die nasionale verkiesing volgende jaar en gepaardgaande politieke ontwikkelings veroorsaak onsekerhede en ontwrigtings wat beleggers huiwerig maak om in die landbou te belê.

Volgens me. Lindie Stroebel, bestuurder van ekonomiese inligting by die landbousakekamer Agbiz, skep verskeie beleidsontwikkelings ook verdere onsekerheid wat beleggers se geldelike aptyt demp en likiditeit beïnvloed.

Dit gebeur omdat aanbiedinge byvoorbeeld nie op plase gemaak kan word waarop daar grondeise is nie.

Agbiz was onlangs deel van ’n verteenwoordigende groep uit die georganiseerde landbou wat met me. Gill Marcus, president van die Reserwebank, vergader het oor faktore wat landboubeleggings in Suid-Afrika strem.

16.08.2013 / Agbiz in the news


Vakbondleiers praat dalk by AMT

Twee leiers van vakbonde wat aan die arbeidsonrus in die landbou deelgeneem het, is na die landbouvooruitskouingskonferensie op 30 September in Pretoria genooi.

Die paneelbespreking wat op vanjaar se AMT-konferensie beoog word, word beskryf as een van die hoogtepunte by die WNNR se internasionale konvensiesentrum.

Mnr. Tony Ehrenreich, sekretaris van Cosatu in die Wes-Kaap, en mnr. Katishi Masemola, sekretaris-generaal van die Food and Allied Workers Union, is genooi om aan die bespreking deel te neem. Die twee vakbonde en Ehrenreich is in verskeie mediaberigte oor die plaaswerkerstaking verlede jaar en begin vanjaar in die Wes-Kaap genoem.

02.08.2013 / Agbiz in the news


BRICS trade benefits unclear

SA's inclusion in Brics has pros and cons. while no trade concessions have been agreed upon, analysts say there is a fine line between protecting our industries and opening up for trade. To download this article, click here.

Rate reversal hits farmers’ move to mechanization

SOUTH African farmers who are looking to mechanise their operations are running into high capital costs, says Absa agribusiness head Ernst Janovsky.

Banks were lending to farmers at prime minus one or prime minus two a few months ago but that has now changed to at least prime plus one as international credit got tighter, Mr Janovsky said.

The announcement of a R105-per-day minimum wage for farm workers by Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant in February has prompted many farmers to move towards mechanisation as they attempt to contain labour costs.

Ms Oliphant’s announcement came in the wake of a strike by farm workers in the Western Cape.

12.07.2013 / Agbiz in the news


EU subsidy changes finalised

The animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA), in the United Kingdom has been banned from comparing the health effects of eating meat with smoking. To download this article, click here.

Eerste vir Afrika: IFAMA hou 2014-forum in Suid-Afrika

Die jaarlikse wêreldforum van die internasionale vereniging vir voedsel- en landbousakebestuur (Ifama) word aanstaande jaar die eerste keer in Suid-Afrika aangebied.

Die aankondiging dat die forum vanaf 15 tot 19 Junie volgende jaar in Kaapstad gehou sal word – ’n eerste vir Afrika – is op die vereniging se 23ste forum in Junie in Atlanta, Amerika, bekend gemaak.

Die voorlopige tema vir aanstaande jaar se forum is Die pad na 2050: Globale aandrywers, Afrika-geleenthede – Die talentfaktor.

Die landbousakekamer Agbiz het die bod om die forum aan te bied saam met Suid-Afrikaanse vennote ingedien.

12.06.2013 / Agbiz in the news


Landboulone verlaag met 10%

Spanje | Landboulone verlaag met 10%

In teenstelling met Suid-Afrika, waar landboulone drasties verhoog is, het die Spaanse regering onlangs lone in die landbou met 10% verlaag. Mnr. Anton Kruger, hoof van die Varsprodukte-Uitvoerdersforum, sê saam met die verlaging is werkers in die bedryf se werksure verleng om die bedryf ’n hupstoot te gee. Werkloosheid in dié land staan tans op sowat 27,2%, aldus die nuusdiens Deutsche Welle. Kruger het Spanje besoek en ’n invoerder het hom en mnr. Justin Chadwick, uitvoerende hoof van die Sitruskwekersvereniging, oor die besparingsmaatreëls ingelig. Die werkers het glo in die algemeen die situasie aanvaar, met die vooruitsig dat hulle hul werk kan behou. Kruger was ’n spreker op ’n konferensie oor ’n strategie vir handelsontwikkeling wat deur die Departement van Landbou, Bosbou en Visserye en Agbiz in Pretoria aangebied is. –

07.06.2013 / Agbiz in the news


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