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Agbiz supports World Food Day

The Food and Agricultural Oranization (FAO) of the United Nations has declared 16 October 2012 as World Food Day, with the theme “Agricultural Cooperatives – Key to feeding the world”.

11.10.2012 / Media Releases


Higher SA maize yield puts prices under pressure

With over 1,1 million tons more maize expected from South Africa’s 2011/2012 crop than for the preceding season, local prices have been put under pressure.

The Agricultural Business Chamber (AgBiz) reported that current maize prices dropped from around R2 700/t earlier in the year to about R2 200/t over September 2012. AgBiz CEO Dr John Purchase said that there was a carryover stock of just under 1 million tons of maize from SA’s previous marketing season.

03.10.2012 / Agbiz in the news


AgriSEB beweeg flink

Swart ekonomiese bemagtiging in die landbou (AgriSEB) beweeg nou flink vanaf “die voorneme om te verander” na “gereguleerde verandering” sê dr. John Purchase, hoofbestuurder van die Landboubesigheidskamer (LBK).’’

Purchase het op die SA Varkvleisprodusente-organisasie (Savpo) se simposium gesê die huidige sektorkode is so naby moontlik aan ’n generiese kode vir goeie praktyke omdat dit die speelveld gelyk maak, dit voorspelbaar is en die belofte van ’n gladde oorgang inhou.

Landbou-ondernemings (wat die handelsbanke insluit) sal hul klante (landbouprodusente) voortaan verplig om SEB-telkaarte te voorsien.


28.09.2012 / Agbiz in the news


Bamboo farmers need representation

SOUTH African bamboo farmers should establish a representative body to lobby government departments and to involve them in the development of a bamboo industry development plan, agricultural economics lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch, Dr Daan Louw said last week.

Most successful agricultural and agri-processing industries have organised themselves in organisations, such as Grain SA, Potatoes SA and the Agriculture Business Chamber, among others, to engage authorities about issues, such as policy, that affect their sectors.

27.09.2012 / Agbiz in the news


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