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Workshop on Agricultural Investment in East Africa - download a draft report, highlighting the major outcoms

Eastern African agriculture is in trouble and, as a result, national economies are unnecessarily

undermined by this poorly-performing sector. I a subregion that is endowed with abundant land and

water resources and which has a currently under-employed youthful population, Eastern Africa has

no right to be hungry, poor or externally dependent to the degree it now is.

Yet the subregion is food insecure and faces distressing levels of rural and national poverty. Indeed,

in a world where media profiling sears indelible images into the international psyche, Eastern Africa

has become an icon of starvation, desperation and dependence on humanitarian assistance,

especially on food donations. Statistics reveal that although Eastern Africa1 has only about 3.5

percent of the world’s population, in a normal year the subregion consumes some 20 percent of

international food aid, around the receipt and distribution of which a whole industry has now grown

in some countries.

18.05.2010 / Agbiz in the news


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