The AgriBEE Charter Council was established in 2008 by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reform.  

The major focus of the AgriBEE Charter Council, on which Agbiz serves, has been the finalisation of the new AgriBEE Sector Code, aligned with the amended generic Codes of Good Practice (CoGP), and gazetted on 20 November 2015 for comment. On 9 March 2016 the AgriBEE Charter Council finalised the new AgriBEE Sector Code, and its gazetting for immediate implementation was expected in April 2016.

The AgriBEE Charter Council also established an AgriBEE portal where enterprises that fall within the scope of application of the AgriBEE Sector Code can post their scorecards for business purposes. 

At the request of the Secretariat of the AgriBEE Charter Council, Agbiz Exco nominated Dr John Purchase and Mr Melcus Nel to serve as primary and secundus representative, respectively, on the AgriBEE Charter Council. The terms of the previous representatives expired  in  December  2016.  At  the  meeting  of  the  AgriBEE  Charter  Council  on  22 November 2016, Agbiz was the only institution to have nominated members. Currently there is no longer an AgriBEE Charter Council in place. In addition, it is a year since the AgriBEE Charter Council signed off on the new AgriBEE Sector Code that was submitted to both the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Minister of Trade and Industry. Despite various promises, the Code has still not been gazetted for implementation. Agbiz has written to Minister Rob Davies in this regard. However, the AgriBEE Sector Code published in the Government Gazette in December 2012 is still in place and Agbiz members are encouraged to implement accordingly.

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