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Mr Corwyn Botha awarded Agbiz honorary life chairmanship

Well, what can I say? This is a high point in my world. The highest –indeed, my world, the world I know and cherish. To me
the top echelon of agriculture, the agriculture in which I partook, that I lived and enjoyed. My road travelled through these
conferences to here tonight. The road to this new logo here behind me as launched last night and then onward on the
road/way forward to prosperity.
I know the ABC since my first conference in 1976, the then Co-operative board as it was named at the time. Looking around
in this hall, I see no one that was in my first conference with me, unbelievable than I can be so much privileged to be able
to stand here. There were 19 of these conferences over this period. I missed 5, one when I was away abroad and four
others while I was in another industry. Yes, the AGBIZ was transformed over time to what is has now become. Maybe that
was the road that I had to travel to here tonight. Travelled with so many, some that is not anymore also.

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