Media Releases

Agbiz reacts to the 2024 Budget Speech

“This year’s Budget Speech comes again on the backdrop of a profoundly challenging macroeconomic environment where South Africa’s economy is expected to continue underperforming, averaging at 1.6% in the next three years. We cannot be satisfied with a steady decline in economic conditions, and innovative interventions are needed to turn the current trajectory around,” said Francois Strydom, Agbiz Chairperson. “Increased spending on grants and other social security measures may be needed in the short term, but a shrinking tax base cannot sustain this trend in the long run. As the minister noted, we need to grow the pie. The 2024/25 budget presented a valuable opportunity to do so but was largely silent on incentives for business.”

Published: 22/02/2024


Clarity regarding permit requirements for EU & UK EPA TQR

In the past two weeks, The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development published two gazettes outlining the procedure for exports from SACU and Mozambique to the EU and the UK, respectively, to take advantage of preferential Tariff Rate Quotas for certain agricultural and agro-processed products contained in an annexure to the agreement.

Published: 13/11/2023


A collaborative approach is vital to driving SA agriculture and agribusiness forward.

South Africa faces significant challenges of high unemployment, weak economic growth prospects, rising poverty and inequality. These are issues that should dominate the thinking of the political leaders, business and society at large.

Published: 02/08/2023


Agbiz welcomes the 2023 budget speech delivered in a tough environment

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana delivered the 2023 budget speech in a uniquely challenging environment. Global economic growth is slowing, from an estimated 3.4% in 2022 to 2.9% in 2023. The domestic challenges, particularly the energy crisis, remain a significant constraint to growth, with the South African economy expected to grow by less than 2% through 2025.

Published: 22/02/2023


SONA strikes the right notes but must be followed by urgent action

According to Agbiz chairperson, Francois Strydom, “President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) spoke to most of the critical issues facing agribusiness today namely energy security, logistics, water security and infrastructure. We hope that the new positions being created within the Presidency will provide the necessary impetus for solutions to be found as business need urgent interventions.”

Published: 10/02/2023


Agbiz continues to engage with government and Eskom on load-shedding challenges

The severe load-shedding has increased food security risks in South Africa, and financial pressures on farmers, agribusinesses and the value chain role players. Whilst the risk is great, statements on food security should only be made from an evidence base. As such, Agbiz conducted a survey this past week across all the sectors and the results are currently being analysed by a joint team of experts. Insights will be shared as soon as possible. The survey will also be used to inform possible interventions that government and private sector representatives are formulating to ensure a sound approach. The results of the survey will help enrich the response approach for the sector. Agbiz has also been engaged in various meetings with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, and Eskom to find ways to ease the pressure on agribusinesses. These engagements are ongoing and will benefit from the results of the survey.

Published: 23/01/2023


Agbiz welcomes the reopening of wool exports to China

Agbiz welcomes the decision of the People’s Republic of China to once again accept wool exports from South Africa. The decision is a welcome development within the context of an increasingly volatile environment for international trade.

Published: 24/08/2022


Agbiz signs the Agriculture and Agro-Processing Master Plan

Agbiz participated in signing the Agricultural and Agro-processing Master Plan (AAMP) yesterday before Minister Thoko Didiza delivered the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development’s budget vote speech in Parliament. The document was co-signed with government and organised agricultural groupings, signalling an end to the first phase of the process, which started with the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP) and the National Marketing Council (NAMC) drafting the initial concept document and ended in tough negotiations between social partners. The AAMP includes a list of economic enablers and targeted interventions needed in the livestock, field crops, horticultural and agro-processing subsectors to unlock inclusive growth.

Published: 13/05/2022


Sustainability and resilience in the spotlight at Agbiz Congress 2022

The Agbiz Congress 2022 takes place just as the world and South Africa are emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to increased unemployment and constrained economic growth. On the back of the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war has introduced new uncertainties, particularly for agricultural trade and food prices. The 2022 Agbiz Congress will therefore be focused on sustainability and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Published: 10/05/2022


Agbiz welcomes new manager of Agbiz Fruit Desk

Agbiz is delighted to announce that Wolfe Braude will be joining the Agbiz team from April 2022 as manager of the Agbiz Fruit Desk, a joint initiative between Agbiz and Fruit SA. The fruit desk is funded jointly by the South African Table Grape Industry (SATI), Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA), Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum (FPEF), and Hortgro.

Published: 29/03/2022