Year Article
2020 South Africa’s commercial and seed potato exports: Identifying potential market opportunities in Africa
South Africa is the second largest exporter of both potato and potato seed in Africa, accumulating over R2 billion in export revenues over the past five years. Also available to download is a presentation on this article.
2015 Identifying strategic export markets for SA sorghum industry
This year, South Africa is confronted by drought and the country is expected to be a net importer of grains. Nonetheless, that does not cease the need to grow export markets for the South African grain industry, especially since the industry faces the challenge of high export concentrations in traditional markets.
2014 The trade effects of technical barriers on South Africa’s orange exports
The paper employs a gravity model to measure the trade effects of technical barriers in South Africa’s major markets for oranges. The gravity model estimation is backed by a price-wedge framework that identifies technical barriers (equivalent to tariffs) that could be restricting South Africa’s orange exports.
2014 Identifying strategic markets for South Africa's citrus exports
The article identifies South Africa’s strategic citrus markets among its major export partners using three complementary methodologies
2014 South Africa’s maize exports: A Strategic Export Market Analysis model approach
Outside of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and certain Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, South Africa’s maize exports are generally irregular and inconsistent. This lack of consistency is primarily attributed to uneven surplus levels which, in certain years, preclude South Africa’s regular participation in larger import markets.
2013 Modelling the impact of the ‘fast track’ land reform policy on maize sector
Zimbabwe has recently gone through a widely criticised land reform process that is argued to be the cause of subdued agricultural production. This paper attempts to present a counterfactual picture of the maize market in Zimbabwe had land reform been managed appropriately.