Agbiz hosted a members' workshop on AgriBEE on 2 August 2019. Topics for discussion included feedback relating to the latest proposals regarding an industry norm, with a general discussion on AgriBEE as well as land reform developments, as requested by members at the Agbiz Council meeting held on 26 April 2019.

The meeting was facilitated by Agbiz CEO Dr John Purchase, who has served on the AgriBEE Charter Council for close to 15 years, and Melcus Nel, an expert from the industry. Please click Dr Purchase presentation and Melcus Nel presentation to peruse.

Transformation has always been one of the principle areas on which Agbiz focuses. Aside from redistributive policies such as land and water reform, broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) is the principle instrument aimed at achieving transformation in the sector. B-BBEE applies to businesses across the economy but certain sectors, such as the agricultural and agribusiness sectors, through the AgriBEE Charter Council, has been granted the opportunity to formulate a scorecard that is more suited to the means, priorities and priorities in the sector. Agbiz head of Legal Intelligence Theo Boshoff gives feedback on the workshop in the linked report.


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