Agribusiness Research

Agbiz gathers information through questionnaires and converts it into intelligence, for the purpose of strategic utilisation by its members and stakeholders.

  • Agribusiness Competitiveness Study

    The competitiveness of the agribusiness sector in South Africa is measured by assessing how successful the sector sells its products over time in the local and global environment.
  • Agribusiness Executive Survey

    The Executive Survey captures the informed judgements of business leaders and decision makers in the agribusiness sector of South Africa on issues that influence their sector’s competitiveness.
  • Agribusiness BEE Survey

    Agbiz conducts a BEE survey biannually on the status of BEE implementation as well as priorities and challenges in this regard.
  • Agbiz/IDC Confidence Index

    The Agbiz/IDC Agribusiness Confidence Index has been constructed by Agbiz since 2001 on a quarterly basis. Decision makers and executives use this index to understand the confidence of agribusinesses in the set business environment.
  • Others

    Considering the role of transport in every segment of the agricultural value and supply chain and its influence on the sector’s competitiveness, Agbiz supports research through various platforms.