Redistribution of land: Expropriation without compensation debate

Published: 09/02/2018

During the ANC's 54th National Elective conference in December 2017, it was announced that a decision has been made to amend the constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation, provided that it is sustainable and does not harm the financial sector or food security. In the absence of a policy paper or explanatory memorandum, it remains unknown how the party intends to give effect to these seemingly competing interests. In order to stimulate public debate around the issue, researchers from Agbiz have attempted to unpack the possible modalities of the announcement by using a scenario-based approach - Theo Boshoff, Wandile Sihlobo and Sifiso Ntombela of Agbiz

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The document linked is for discussion purposes only and does not in any way represent the views or positions of Agbiz, but are merely meant to stimulate discussion on the topic.


Theo Boshoff
Agbiz Head: Legal Intelligence

Wandile Sihlobo
Agricultural economist and head agribusiness research at Agbiz

Sifiso Ntombela
Trade economist and head international trade and investment at Agbiz