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Abnormally high maize prices are temporary

Farmers must improve how they plan the next season’s buying, production and marketing strategies to minimise risks. There are growing concerns about the outlook of South Africa’s agriculture due to a number of macro-level risk factors. - Moneyweb 

08.07.2016 / Agbiz in the news


Position available for Management Accountant at Agbiz

The purpose of this position is to provide professional advice and support to management, with regards to financial planning, budgeting, and reporting, to ensure that effective decisions are made.

06.07.2016 / Agbiz in the news



South Africa makes around R7.4billion per annum in export earnings from the UK as a result of an EU trade agreement. This is 25% of revenue that the country earns from the export of agricultural products to the European Union. Economist Wandile Sihlobo from Agbiz spoke to SAFM about this issue.

26.06.2016 / Agbiz in the news


“Brexit” vote not an immediate game changer for RSA Agricultural Exports

Britain’s decision to vote to leave the European Union (EU) has sparked wider concerns regarding its existing trade engagements under the EU. For South African agriculture, the most exposed sectors to the British market are fruit and wine industries.

24.06.2016 / Agbiz in the news


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