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SA’s agricultural machinery sales show a monthly uptick

Recent agricultural machinery sales data indicates that in January 2017, tractor sales were down by 18% when compared to January 2016 — with 478 units sold. However, this was 37% higher than the previous month’s sales.
- Wandile Sihlobo

08.02.2017 / Agbiz in the news


State launches programme to make armyworm fall

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has confirmed that the fall armyworm is indeed in SA. But experts say the pest, which has already devastated crops in several neighbouring countries, is unlikely to wreak as much havoc locally as it has elsewhere.

06.02.2017 / Agbiz in the news


Zokwana likeable, but ineffective, agri leaders

Industry leaders agree that the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Senzeni Zokwana, demonstrates a healthy interest in agricultural matters, but is not particularly proficient in implementing policies for the sector.

03.02.2017 / Agbiz in the news


South African grains and oilseeds outlook

The outlook for 2017 is promising for the South African grains and oilseeds sector. 
- Agbiz economists: Wandile Sihlobo and Tinashe Kapuya

30.01.2017 / Agbiz in the news


'Biblical plague' stalks SA maize

Regional governments are to hold a crisis meeting in Johannesburg next month following signs that a virulent pest attacking maize crops may have found its way to South Africa. 

29.01.2017 / Agbiz in the news


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