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Agbiz facilitates 2014 IFAMA World Forum

Agbiz has been a strong supporter of IFAMA and a regular participant in its events over many years and currently hosts the Secretariat of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). 

22.04.2014 / Agbiz in the news


AgriBEE Results Released

The agricultural sector has been under severe scrutiny about transformation and the implementation of BEE. So far, Agbiz is the only organisation that measures implementation of AgriBEE, as well as officially determine the challenges and intentions of the sector – and that amongst the agribusinesses.

11.04.2014 / Agbiz in the news


Agbiz launches publication "Agribusiness contributes to the National Development Plan"

On Friday 11 April 2014, Agbiz launched a publication portraying the significant role that many agribusinesses play in improving the lives of previously disadvantaged people in rural communities.

11.04.2014 / Agbiz in the news


AMIE proposed a statutory levy on imported chicken products

The Association of Meat Importers and Exporters (AMIE) has requested for the establishment of statutory measures relating to levies, registration, the keeping of records and rendering of returns.

31.03.2014 / Agbiz in the news


PwC Agribusinesses Insights Survey 2013/2014

The vision of this publication is to provide thought leadership and add value in the agricultural industry: firstly, to support the business leaders in agribusiness to better understand their own industry through valuable benchmarking information; secondly to provide a solid economic overview of the agribusiness industry for any other interested readers.

24.03.2014 / Agbiz in the news


GOSA Symposium - 19-20 March 2014

Presenting at the GOSA Symposium on 19 March in Mossel Bay, Agbiz CEO Dr John Purchase addressed food security against the background of global population growth and the SADC Regional Agricultural Policy.

21.03.2014 / Agbiz in the news


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