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Politiek en weer knou vertroue in landbousake

Die landbousakekamer Agbiz verwag ’n verdere afplatting van landbousakevertroue in 2014.  Dr. John Purchase, uitvoerende direkteur, en me. Lindie Stroebel, bestuurder van ekonomiese inligting, sê in ’n vooruitskouing vir die nuwe jaar landbousakevertroue was positief in die eerste helfte van 2013, maar die indeks het later in die jaar  ’n daling getoon. » More

Agribusiness Intelligence

Agribusiness CompetivenessAs Agbiz negotiates for an enabling environment for agri -businesses, it can basically be referred to that Agbiz is negotiating to improve the competitiveness of the sector.

To measure how competitive the agribusiness sector in South Africa is, Agbiz assesses how successful the sector sells its products over time in the local and global environment. The Relative Trade Advantage method, as originally developed by Balassa (1977, 1989) and extended by Volrath (1991), allows for the measurement of competitiveness under real world conditions such as uneven economic “playing fi elds”, distorted economies and different trade regimes and is therefore the most suited for measuring the competitiveness status

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Agbiz / IDC Agribusiness Confidence index dropped by 20%

The Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz), with the support of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), constructs the Agbiz / IDC Agribusiness Confidence Index on a quarterly basis.


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