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Food Security in Africa How does South Africa measure up to CAADP’s four pillars?

Notes on CAADP’s Four Pillars and South Africa’s implementation

The roles of the agribusiness sector and African governments in food security were discussed at a meeting recently held by the Agricultural Business Chamber (ABC) and NEPAD Business Foundation (NBF) in Pretoria.

Through its programme for the revitalisation of the agricultural sector in Africa, the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP), NEPAD has set a target of raising agricultural productivity by at least 6% per year and increasing public investment in agriculture to 10% of national budgets per year, as agreed in the Maputo Declaration.  The CAADP’s focus areas for improving Africa’s agriculture fall under 4 pillars, each dealing with key issues, namely land and water management, market access, food supply and hunger, and agricultural research.

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Voedselsekuriteit in Afrika

Die Landboubesigheidskamer (LBK) en Nuwe Vennootskap vir Afrika se Ontwikkeling (NEPAD) se Sakestigting (NBF) het onlangs ‘n werkswinkel in Pretoria gehou om die rol van landbou-ondernemings en Afrika-regerings in voedselsekuriteit te bespreek.

Die doelwit van NEPAD se Omvattende Afrika Landbou-ontwikkelingsprogram (CAADP) is om Afrika se landbou-produktiwiteit jaarliks met 6% te verbeter en om openbare beleggings in landbou na 10% van die nasionale jaarlikse begroting te verhoog, volgens die Maputo-verklaring.  Die CAADP se plan rus op 4 pilare naamlik, volhoubare grondbestuur en waterbeheer, verbetering van die landelike infrastruktuur en toegang tot markte,  die verhoging van voedselvoorsiening wat hongersnood kan verlig, asook landbounavorsing en tegnologiese aanpassing.

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Standard Bank and US launch centre to support transformation in agricultural sector

The high failure rate of land reform projects and emerging farmers has led to the founding of the Standard Bank Centre for Agribusiness Leadership an d Mentorship Development, an institution designed to address current challenges in the agricultural sector.

Willie Du Plessis, Director Agricultural Banking at Standard Bank says: “The Standard Bank Centre for Agribusiness Leadership and Mentorship Development is a response to calls by government for private/public partnerships in the agricultural sector. The venture established in partnership with the Stellenbosch University aims to link emerging farmers with the commercial agri-food value chain and promote economic development and growth. Standard Bank believes that by increasing access to education, information and the agricultural value chain, emerging farmers stand a better chance of making a meaningful contribution to the economy of the country.”

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